Natural Facelift Achiever (Facial Gua Sha Course)


Welcome to our 2023 Natural Facelift Achiever! A thourough facial gua sha massage course for whom love to revitalise their beauty naturally.


A regular facial gua sha massage can help to

  • Dredge TCM channels and blood stasis, enhance skin permeability and expel toxin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lift up your face, brighten your skin, and keep you looking young while feeling firm and supple
  • Improve general well-being of your body, improve the microcirculation of the facial blood vessels, increase the flow of blood, lymph, and body fluids
  • Promote metabolism, and enhance immune function


What you’ll learn…

  • The theory of natural facial care and Gua Sha
  • An in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy including the skin, muscles and lymphatic system
  • The related organs, Qi flow, acupressure points, meridians of the face and neck
  • A specific tailored facial Gua Sha sequence and techniques for better results both externally and internally
  • Natural skin-care secrets as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • ……

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You will learn all you need to know to have a good understanding of Gua Sha and be confident to apply this wonderful technique on yourself. We absolutely love this technique and look forward to sharing it with you.

This is a 90-120min face-to-face or online course, allowing you to schedule your time beforehand. You will need a facial Gua Sha tool for the course, please visit or use your own.


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