One Physiotherapist, One Chiropractor, One Acupuncturist

Happipuncture Clinic

About Us

We are looking for someone who has similar values and visions to work with us, someone who wants to become the best they can be, and work together on our dreams.

Core values, We are:

professional and trustworthy;

caring and devoted;We love to learn;



up-to-date and react fast.

Qualification & Experience

  • Legally entitled to practise in New Zealand
  • Preferably with more than three-year experience

Tasks & Responsibilites

  • Working with patients with a variety of conditions, expertising in 1~3 specific health problems
  • Diagnosing, assessing and treating problems, guiding exercise and movement, communicating and explaining well to patients
  • Working together with other practitioners for adjusting treatment plans, encouraging a holistic approach and advising patients on leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Keeping reports on time for patients and their progress
  • Loving to learn and staying up to date with developments in treatments
  • Joining regular meeting for case discussion and work improvement
  • Having good work ethics, being self-motivated, caring, professional, trustworthy, creative, positive
  • Loving challenges and eager to develop different skillsets


  • Annual bonus to reward good performance
  • We care about your self-improvement and self-development
  • Flexible hours, full-time or part-time


May 2021

North Shore

$20- $55 Per Hour
Full Time/Part Time

Healthcare & Medical