Therapeutic Massage Auckland

The term therapeutic massage in Auckland refers to an extensive range of massage techniques. These can significantly help reduce stress, relieve pain, improve your circulation and restore balance and relaxation to the body.

If you have been feeling stressed or anxious, a calming massage is excellent for you. Because these massage techniques are only light to medium in their intensity, they are suitable for a diverse range of people.

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Alleviate Pain & Restore Balance

Massage therapy describes the practice of applying manual pressure to layers of the muscle using the therapist’s hands, forearms and elbows.

It can help reduce muscle pain and tension, enhance flexibility and joint mobility and even aid you in feeling calmer and more relaxed. This wide range of benefits makes a therapeutic massage in Auckland exceptional for helping with recovery after illness or injury or simply a peaceful antidote to the hassle of day to day life.

What Can A Therapeutic Massage help with?

The modern world moves at a breakneck pace, causing many of our lives to be crammed full of work, chores and busy schedules. As a result, many of us are urging our bodies to work harder and faster and suffer from extreme stress.

These factors can cause the body and mind to become overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted. Many of us experience this fatigue in physical forms, such as muscle soreness and tension or headaches.

Since ancient times, massages have been used as a treatment for soft tissue injury, pain management and rehabilitation, and stress relief. They are just as applicable in the modern day and age.

Whether you need to recover from a sporting injury, are struggling with anxiety or depression or are suffering from the muscular strain and tension associated with a sedentary lifestyle, a therapeutic massage in Auckland is a fantastic tool to treat your physical and psychological health.

The benefits of such a massage include:

  • Boosting recovery by reducing scar tissue
  • Enhancing the removal of metabolic waste products
  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing back, neck or hip pain
  • Soothing headaches and migraines
  • Offering stress relief and reduce anxiety
  • Improving arthritis and tendonitis
  • Helping with rehabilitation post-injury

As you can see, these massages are an effective way to keep the mind, body and spirit in good health.

What Is A Therapeutic Massage?

In this type of massage treatment, your massage therapist uses deep pressure to ease muscular pain and tightness and encourage better blood and lymph circulation.

Because a therapeutic massage in Auckland works more deeply than a traditional relaxation massage, it can help you achieve a more profound sense of ease and relief from pain and injury.

The term does not describe a fixed set of movements. Instead, it usually involves various massage techniques, which may originate from Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, trigger point massages, functional massages and myofascial release massages.

Your masseuse will examine your lifestyle, levels of stress and individual requirements to find a combination of strokes and pressure suitably tailored to your body and situation. This involves considering any prior or current illnesses or injuries and where the most significant amount of soreness and tension is located.

How Does A Therapeutic Massage Work?

During a therapeutic massage, your massage therapist will focus on manipulating the body’s soft tissues, fascia and muscles to release tightness and relieve sore spots.

This physical relief will, in turn, help the body to relax and function at its best.

A massage helps improve circulation of both blood and lymph, which can offer relief to the muscles and allow your body to supply its soft tissues with nutrients better. It also signals the brain to release neurotransmitters and cause hormonal changes in the bloodstream, which, in turn, trigger physiological changes in the body.

For instance, a massage can reduce the levels of stress hormones while boosting those of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, and the body’s natural painkillers, endorphins. These changes can lead to an overall boost in your wellbeing and help you feel far more relaxed.

In addition, the physiological changes induced by a massage can reduce the chances of illness, boost your immune system and relieve the damaging effects of chronic stress.
In our busy modern world, it can be a challenge to take the time to look after yourself and give both your body and mind the care they need. Setting aside the time for a therapeutic massage in Auckland can be an important way to tend to your health in a holistic, natural way.

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