Relaxing Prenatal Massage: Skilled Therapist Providing Soothing Care for Pregnant Woman's Baby Bump

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in someone’s life where they prepare to bring forth new life and become a new parent – but being pregnant can also bring a lot of new feelings and emotions to the pregnant individual. While these possibly uncomfortable sensations will be worth it in the end, that doesn’t mean you should seek out help dealing with these feelings while you are experiencing them. However, you can reduce your discomfort during pregnancy through certain methods, like regularly going to therapeutic massage sessions.

The Benefits Of Massage During Pregnancy

In general, calm and relaxing massages can be beneficial to anyone who is experiencing physical discomfort or emotional turmoil. Because these feelings are amplified during pregnancy, it’s only natural that soothing massages can help you get through the experience. Even when bodily changes and hormonal differences affect how you feel and think, being in a calm environment can help you stay centred and relax. With the help of a professional massage therapist who understands what you are going through, you can soothe your body and soul.

Therapeutic massage itself is a wonderful way to deal with life’s hardships, regardless of your body’s current state. Massage during pregnancy is typically aimed towards helping you physically and mentally deal with your body’s changes. When you go to a massage appointment while you are pregnant, your massage therapist should focus on specific changes that you wish to deal with.

A few ways that massage can help you if you are currently going through pregnancy are:

Reduced Swelling. During pregnancy, your circulation will be reduced due to there being more pressure on your major blood vessels. This swelling is known as ‘edema’ and is when your joints swell during pregnancy. Therapeutic massage can reduce the swelling around your joints by stimulating the areas and increasing circulation, reducing the buildup of fluids in the swollen areas.

Edema and swelling in various parts of your body can end up being rather painful and definitely uncomfortable, so encouraging proper circulation and lessening swelling can be very comforting and soothing.

Hormone Regulation. When pregnant, your hormone levels can fluctuate and cause odd mood swings and increased emotions. This stress can be bad for your body and mind, so it’s vital that you find ways to regulate your hormones healthily. A fantastic way to control your body’s hormone levels is therapeutic massage, which can lower your heightened stress levels and help you relax.

People have found that pregnant individuals who regularly receive massages have reduced hormones related to stress and depression. These positive changes in hormone levels have also seemingly led to decreased chances of complications during birth.

Reduced Back and Nerve Pain. Sciatic nerve pain is when the uterus lies on the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back, which then leads to spreading pressure to the upper and lower legs. This distressing swelling can then put even more pressure on your lower back and nerves, resulting in inflamed and painful nerves.

Lower back pain or sciatic nerve pain is common in individuals who are further along in their pregnancy, and many individuals have found that therapeutic massages significantly reduced their pain.

Improved Circulation. In general, massages can improve your circulation and promote healthy blood flow. This can reduce swelling, muscle tension and other sources of vexing pain. Good circulation is excellent for maintaining health in general, even after you are finished with your pregnancy.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety. Being pregnant will occasionally make you uncomfortable, stressed and anxious about how you are doing. These feelings are natural, and most people who go through pregnancies experience them, but that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable or easy to deal with.

By regularly receiving relaxing and soothing massages, you can lessen your stress levels and reduce your anxiety. In turn, this can lead to a more positive outlook, less stress-induced headaches and migraines and a healthier emotional state.

Better Sleep. When you are uncomfortable, and your body is changing, sometimes getting to sleep can be very difficult. This is a significant issue because sleep is absolutely essential to being healthy and keeping your body in good condition. However, by reaping the many benefits of massage, you can experience an easier time sleeping at night. Additionally, your sleep should be deeper and more satisfying.

Who You Can Speak To About Setting Up Therapeutic Massage Appointments For Yourself

If you would like to calm your body and address the uncomfortable changes that occur during pregnancy, our exceptional team at Happipuncture is eager to assist you. We understand that specific changes in your body during pregnancy can be challenging to handle on your own, and we are confident that we can help you through your time until you are ready to experience the miracle of birth.

At Happipuncture, we are proud to offer New Zealanders many fantastic services, including lovely and relaxing therapeutic massages.

If you are ready to experience the incredible benefits of massage, you can easily set up an appointment with us by booking an appointment online. For additional information on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us at 09-2182992 to get in touch.

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