Woman receiving a head massage from a professional massage therapist while lying down

Therapeutic massage is a lovely experience that can help anyone of any age be more relaxed and less stressed. In particular, it is very beneficial for older adults and can help them deal with both mental and physical pain.

If you are elderly and are interested in getting a massage yourself, or if you have an older family member and would like to encourage them to try out a soothing massage session or two, then there are quite a few benefits that you should know about. 

High quality massages given by trained professionals can help you in more ways than one. On top of being relaxing, they also have heaps of other advantages that you might not know about. 

Keep reading to learn about how an incredible massage can improve someone’s life. Knowing about these wonderful benefits can help you decide whether or not you want to enjoy therapeutic massage yourself.

Why Soothing Massages Are Great For Elderly People

As we age, we develop new conditions and feelings that we didn’t have when we were younger. Older people may have less mobility and their bodies may be a little slower than younger people, which isn’t always pleasant to deal with. 

However, just because the effects of age are inescapable doesn’t mean you can’t treat your body and enjoy a beautiful life. Fantastic massages can soothe and relax your body, which will, in turn, improve your physical and mental state. 

Some of the most notable benefits of therapeutic massage for seniors are:

Reduced Bodily Pain. It’s not uncommon to experience more bodily pain throughout your day as you age. Getting up, running around and moving in energetic ways can become more difficult and maybe even more painful. Certain conditions like osteoarthritis can also occur and cause pain and stiffness.

Therapeutic massages have been shown to improve mobility and reduce bodily pain, so it can be a wonderful experience for older people who frequently deal with physical pain. Some choose to rely on pills and painkillers to deal with their daily pains, but you do not need to only rely on these if you regularly treat yourself to a lovely therapeutic massage. 

Mental And Physical Relaxation. Besides reduced bodily pain, perhaps the one thing that everyone knows about getting a professional massage is that it’s incredibly relaxing for both your mind and body. Feeling the delightful sensation of skilled hands putting pressure on your body in just the right way is an incredible feeling that everyone should experience.

When you trust a professional masseuse with your massage treatment, you can almost feel your worries and stress melt away as you enjoy your excellent session. We all deal with stress in one way or another, and most of us just accept it as something that we have to deal with. But, did you know that stress can have a seriously negative effect on your body?

Overwhelming stress can lead to increased blood pressure, uncomfortable muscle tension, rapid breathing, poor sleep and more. While it’s a simple fact of life that we all face some sort of stress in our lives, it’s still your responsibility to do your best to treat yourself well. Stress can only make your physical and mental condition worse, so handling it and taking time to relax is essential if you want to stay healthy. 

Regularly getting a therapeutic massage will help you deal with the stress from your life and keep a level head. Taking some time to centre your soul and remember that everything will be okay can greatly improve your quality of life.

Better Sleep. The negative effects of age don’t just hurt your life when you’re awake; it can also make it more challenging to get to a full night’s sleep. We require rest, and getting too little sleep at night can hurt our daily lives. Poor sleep can lead to insufficient mental activity, low energy and irritability. 

When you consider all of the above-listed benefits, you can clearly see how therapeutic massage can help you get better sleep. When your body feels less pained, your muscles are more relaxed, and you’re less stressed, you’ll have an easier time winding down and letting your body get the rest it deserves.

Where To Go For High Quality Therapeutic Massage And Other Wholesome Treatments In New Zealand

Here at Happipuncture, we aim to help New Zealanders stay healthy in wholesome and holistic ways. Our massage service is meant to be as relaxing and helpful as possible. Whether you are dealing with daily chronic pain or if you just want to enjoy a lovely experience, we are here for you. 

We are also happy to provide other healthful services as well. Our services include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, therapeutic massage and more. If you would like to know more, or if you would like to book a session today, you can reach us at 09-2182992.

Improve your life with lovely treatment from us at Happipuncture.