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Many adults suffer from daily pain, whether that pain is physical aches or mental stress. It is reported that one in six people in New Zealand suffers from some form of chronic pain. If you happen to be one of them, you may have considered physical therapy or therapeutic massage in the past.

However, if you’ve never gone for a session of physical therapy before, you may still be looking for reasons to go to one. What exactly is physical therapy, and will it help you? Keep reading to learn all about how this practice can help you.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is designed to help patients deal with certain conditions through different practices, remedies and treatments. Many people find these methods helpful when dealing with bodily pains and ailments. Sometimes, physical therapy can help you deal with your pain without resorting to heavy medication or intrusive medical procedures.
One form of physical therapy is therapeutic massages, which are massages with the goal of focusing on specific problem areas to help remedy certain conditions.

How Is Physical Therapy Beneficial?


So, what are the specific benefits of physical treatment? There are far too many to list here, but ten benefits that you should know about are as follows:

1. Reduce And Eliminate Pain. Many techniques are designed to focus on areas of your body, like joints or muscles, that give you pain. Therapeutic exercises and massages can reduce bodily pain, prevent this pain from worsening and even eliminate the pain. 

2. Improve Your Mobility. If you are having trouble moving, therapeutic practices are designed to help you regain your mobility. For example, strengthening exercises can help improve your muscles and joints to let you move properly again. 

3. Help You Prevent Or Recover From A Sports Injury. Physical Therapists are aware of how various sports can pose the possibility of specific injuries. So, certain therapeutic massage techniques and other practices can help you recover from injuries and prepare your body to lessen the chance of injuries in the future. 

4. Enhance Your Balance. If you have issues with coordination and balance, physical therapists will assist you in regaining control through exercises designed to improve your balancing skills. In addition, when you undergo physiotherapy, you will be in a safe area, so you will be able to enhance your ability while not worrying about becoming seriously injured.

5. Help You Cope With Age-Related Issues. As we age, specific issues can show up that we did not deal with when we were younger. These issues can include arthritis, osteoporosis and more. Through exercises and therapeutic massage, physical therapy can help reduce painful symptoms.

6. Avoid Surgery. Many issues that result in chronic pain can be solved through surgery. However, surgery can be expensive and pose additional risks. As mentioned, physiotherapy can reduce and possibly eliminate chronic pain. If you can adequately deal with your issues through physical therapy, you won’t need to undergo surgery. 

7. Manage Women’s Health Issues. Many people don’t realize that women have specific health issues that others don’t have to deal with. These issues can include pregnancy, postpartum recovery and more. Physiotherapy can help women deal with particular pains and conditions.

There are even practices that help people fight cramps and period pains. While many people think they just need to deal with the pain when experiencing their monthly cycle, this doesn’t have to be the case. With certain practices, you can reduce your pain and live a happier life. 

8. Avoid Overuse Of Pain Medication. While pain medication can be great for occasional pains like headaches and minor injuries, overuse of drugs can lead to severe issues. If you use certain medications too much, you could become dependent on them and develop an addiction.

However, if you manage to deal with your pain through physical therapy, you won’t have to depend on pain medication. Instead, therapeutic massage can help you manage your pain naturally.

9. Help You Recover From A Stroke. If you have suffered from a stroke, you may have lost some function or movement. Physiotherapy and acupuncture can help you train your muscles to regain strength, mobility, balance and independence. These improvements can aid you in recovering both physically and mentally so you can live a happier life. 
10. Manage Diabetes. People who have diabetic conditions deal with particular issues. Along with the proper medication, physical therapy can help diabetic individuals manage problems like blood sugar control and sensation in the feet and legs.

Where Can I Set Up A Physical Therapy Appointment For Myself?

Do any of those benefits sound like they’ll benefit you? If you are looking to undergo therapeutic massage and help fight chronic pain or other conditions, Happipuncture is here to help in any way we can. Our team of practitioners offers various services to treat health conditions and overall live a happier and healthier life. 

Do you want to speak to a professional about the best way for you to deal with your aches and pains? If so, please do not hesitate to contact our team at 09-2182992.

At Happipuncture, we want New Zealanders to live their best lives. With our help, you can manage your pain and improve your well-being.



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