Acupuncture therapy session with a woman lying on her back and a needle being inserted by a therapist

Many people choose to undergo different forms of treatment to try to lessen the symptoms of conditions or illnesses. The therapy may be mental, medical or physical. When you hear ‘physical treatment,’ you may only think of massages or exercising, but there are other forms that may benefit you – such as acupuncture. 

Many people know what this form of treatment is, but not a lot of people know specifics about it. Does it hurt? Does it work? Will it help you with your problem? Keep reading to learn more! 

What Is Acupuncture?

This is a form of traditional holistic medicine that originates from China. This unique treatment has been practiced for over two thousand years and has undergone extensive research to determine its effectiveness in certain conditions. Many studies have found that this treatment is beneficial for heaps of conditions. 

In Chinese culture, it is believed that channels throughout your body carry ‘Qi’ – or your body’s energy. Therefore, during treatment, a professional locates and stimulates specific points on your body. These points are often near your body’s nerves. The acupuncturist would then tap into your body’s Qi by inserting very fine needles into these points.

Now, you may be thinking that having needles put into your body would hurt; however, the needles used in acupuncture are remarkably thin, and most patients experience very little to no pain. The sensation may be odd at first, but the benefits of this treatment make it completely worth it. 

This traditional Chinese method can treat an array of different conditions, including cardiovascular issues, digestive problems, endocrine system, fatigue, isolated pains, tension and more. At Happipuncture, our acupuncturists often work with you to provide this treatment alongside other forms of medication to best suit your situation and get you on the road to a healthier and happier life. 

Acupuncture Sessions

How Many Sessions Would It Take Until You See Results?

There are many factors that determine how quickly you will see results from acupuncture treatment; what condition are you trying to treat, if you are taking any other forms of medication, and so on. 

However, clients often report positive results after only two or three sessions. So, even if you are unused to this form of treatment and are unsure if it will produce results for your specific condition, we encourage you to keep at it. Our team at Happipuncture always has your best interests in mind.

Overall, it is common to undergo eight to twelve acupuncture sessions, although, of course, it is your choice to go through more or fewer sessions, depending on how you feel and the professional advice your acupuncturist gives you.

What Are The Benefits Of Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has many different benefits that have been extensively researched. Of course, as a medical option, this form of treatment can be used to combat illnesses and conditions. 

Physically, this treatment can be used to treat conditions afflicting your body. The incredibly fine needles are put into your body to activate your internal systems and healing mechanisms. Through this, our acupuncturists can help quell symptoms of pain, and various bodily issues like gastrointestinal problems, skin disorders, and more. 

Not only can this traditional treatment affect you physically, but it can also positively affect you mentally. While many people may be worried at the idea of having needles inserted into their bodies, once they get over that mental hurdle, it can be incredibly beneficial.

Heaps of patients find that acupuncture can be incredibly calming and therapeutic. Through the calming way the session is carried out, this treatment can help you combat stress and tension by calming your mind and healing you mentally.

When fighting a physical illness, mental health can play a huge factor when keeping up your spirits. Studies have shown that having a positive and uplifting attitude can help fight specific medical issues. Additionally, stress can also cause certain problems to become worse and even cause your health to deteriorate. 

So, overall, this ancient Chinese treatment has many different benefits that will surely make you feel healthier and more robust. After a few sessions, depending on your condition and additional treatments, you have a good chance of feeling much better than you did before. 

Where Can I Have Acupuncture Done In New Zealand?

As you can tell, acupuncture is a holistic treatment with a long past and many different benefits. If you are interested in trying out this medicinal practice that has been used for two thousand years, do not hesitate to contact us at Happipuncture.

Here at Happipuncture, we are passionate about leading New Zealanders to a more positive life and a stronger future. We will examine your situation and suggest treatments that will best suit you and your condition. 

For a more robust body, a longer life and a happier mind, seek help from our team at Happipuncture!