Gentle Physiotherapy Treatment: Therapist Providing Care to a Man in Semi-Reclined Position, Focusing on his Left Leg

After someone suffers a debilitating injury, their body will need time to heal and recover from the incident. Through physio and rehab, their body can bounce back, and they can become healthy again. This form of therapy can work alongside medication or be a standalone treatment – it all depends on the individual’s specific circumstances.

But, what exactly is physiotherapy, and what are the specific benefits that it can bring to you?

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a kind of medical care that can be used to treat a wide array of conditions. Physical therapists are people who are experts in the human body’s anatomy and physiology. Through physical examination, education, diagnosis, rehabilitation and more, physiotherapists help patients worldwide with their conditions.

Physio and rehab are not just limited to a specific kind of patient, either. Through proper examination and diagnosis, physical therapists can treat patients of all ages and health conditions. Physical therapy is often used to treat musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses. Still, it can also be very useful in remedying cases that involve morbid obesity, and diabetes and helping people recover from strokes.

Massages, expert-recommended exercise routines, and even acupuncture can all be a part of a client’s physiotherapy treatment plan. An individual’s physio plan will be tailored to their specific circumstances, so one patient’s treatment routine may vary significantly from another’s. If you have suffered an unfortunate injury or incident, your skilled physical therapist will work with you to form a plan that will fit your situation perfectly.

Everyone’s body is different, and talented therapists understand that some patients may respond more positively to different types of treatments. So instead of simply diagnosing you and prescribing medication, physiotherapy and rehabilitation focus on paying attention to your body and helping you regain your health.

How Can I Benefit From Physiotherapy?


Physical therapy can be incredibly helpful to patients with certain conditions. But, how specifically can it help you, and what positive effects can you expect when you go in for a session? Some benefits that you can look forward to experiencing are:

Reduce Or Eliminate Pain. One of the most significant issues people face after suffering an injury or traumatic event is pain. Studies show that one in five adult New Zealanders experiences chronic pain in their everyday lives – that’s about 770,000 people!

A well-trained physical therapist can examine your situation and help you find the best ways to treat your pain. With proper treatment, physio and rehab can reduce or even eliminate your pain.

Regain Your Mobility. Injuries and conditions can sometimes lead to people losing their mobility. If you are one of these people, it may feel like you will never regain that mobility again. However, physical therapists can assist patients through proper procedures and remedial exercises and help them regain their lost movement.

Your body and muscles need time and practice to strengthen themselves. Even though it may seem difficult at first, with a physiotherapist’s help, you can train and restore your body.

Avoid Surgery. Surgery can often be frightening, stressful and expensive. While there are situations where surgery is required and unavoidable, certain conditions can be treated with physical therapy instead. If your physiotherapy treatment is successful, you might be able to avoid surgery altogether.

Even if you end up needing surgery, physical therapy can still help you recover from the ordeal and return your body to its former glory.

Regain Your Balance. Balancing problems can be very debilitating and daunting. While occasionally falling may not be a big deal for younger individuals, it can be serious if the patient is elderly or injured. Through proper exercise and practice, physiotherapists can help people regain their balance.

Reduce Stress. Everyone knows that injury can lead to bodily pain, but it can also lead to severe mental stress. A pleasant massage meant to relax your muscles and reduce pain can also be comforting and stress relieving.

Furthermore, as you recover, having a friendly and trusted physical therapist at your side can be extremely comforting. Sometimes, just knowing that someone understands what you are going through can be encouraging. With a physiotherapist, you can have an expert’s opinion and help with every step along the way.

Who Can I Speak To About Physical Therapy?

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